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Apply for an mp3Car Innovation Grant

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by , 04-07-2010 at 02:10 PM (7623 Views)
For some time now, mp3Car moderators have been awarding Innovation Grants to community members that are working on an interesting project or product. The goal of the grant is to support innovation among mp3Car forum members.

We have just created a forum for the mp3Car Innovation Grant where any community member can post about what they are doing, or link to other threads on the forum or elsewhere, and let the moderators know what product or software they could use to further their work.

The grant is awarded monthly, for a maximum of $100 including shipping. You can request any product or software; it does not have to be something sold on the mp3Car store. From time to time, the grant will be slightly larger.

If you are working on something interesting, just post about it in this forum and let us know what we can do to help you advance your work. To get an idea of past grants, you can check out the wiki article.

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I have watched demo. So good.
Hope it will turn in reality soon.
connect broadband
Just another example of a stupid gadget. If I were driving a car with that thing I would be more likely to cause an accident because I'd be searching around for buttons. In a car with a typical dashboard you look at dash to find a button BEFORE you go and press it, not the other way round.

If they made them light-up permanently while ACC/IGN is on, then that's a different story... I'd like that.

How on earth do those projects even get to the planning process?!?
I am not sold on that being any better than having the controls on all of the time. Quite the opposite actually.

You have to wave your hand, wait a second while watching the screen for the controls to light up, nope, not the controls I wanted, move your hand, area lights up, nope not that one, move your hand, aha there is the button I wanted!

This seems far more distracting, in my opinion, then just having the controls there at all times.