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Another Iphone controlled car

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by , 04-02-2010 at 09:04 AM (7802 Views)
Jalopnik has an article about Dave Phipps who uses an iphone to control his car. We shot a video like this at SEMA a few months ago. Thanks Tom Berry for the tip!

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Looks as if there's a lot of options to get the Ipad mounted in the car.
I found this one, which I think it's ugly as hell: Scosche and expensive too.

This other one looks good, specially for the price ($49.00 for the iPad holder plus the base specific to your car, which I reckon must be another $50? Still half of the one I posted above):

Proclip usa:

Another option, a big ugly to me...but here it is.

Didn't like the in-your-face rivets at all, and at $199.00 it's more expensive than the RAM solution. I don't know, but maybe for rear seats, like on the Maserati depicted here, it will work. Still, it's expensive.