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iPad - System Wide Voice Control

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by , 06-15-2010 at 12:58 AM (10394 Views)

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Ok so it's not true system wide access, but pretty darn close. Using a few apps, and a little jailbreak action, Justin Riley shows us how to control some basic functionality with just voice. Here we demonstrate adjusting the iPod, finding a place to eat, and even posting a tweet.

Open your mind and imagine when iOS 4 comes out and vlingo can be backgrounded. The goal of vlingo is to allow any developer and their application to use the vlingo voice recognition engine to do whatever the developer wants with voice. So eventually everything you ever wanted to do will be able to do with voice.

(p.s) still don't text and drive, even if you can do it with your voice!

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That is worth another video perhaps? LOL
Quote Originally Posted by Bugbyte View Post
I haven't had a chance to try voice control out in the car itself. It works fine in a low noise environment. How does it work in the car?
Follow up on this...

So front driver and passenger windows all the way down, highway driving:
85 mph: nope
75 mph: nope
65 mph: nope
55 mph: nope
45 mph: yes

I was screaming at it, though. Kinda funny to watch. Results likely will differ from person to person.

Activator auto-installs when you jailbreak.