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Mp3Car & NASIOC Team Up To Drive Innovation

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by , 07-14-2010 at 02:39 PM (6254 Views)

NASIOC and mp3Car team up to offer a contest on the NASIOC forums. The forum member to post the best DIY write-up about a car audio setup, install, build, or system design will win a free Lilliput EBY701-NP/C/T to begin their in vehicle computing project.

See the NASIOC Contest Thread HERE.
Get involved to see if you can claim the free Lilliput!

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I'm fairly new to the whole car pc thing i was wondering i have all the components for my car pc now i know this is a power supply pretty much but how to i connect this to the board i would have to buy a cable to hook up from board to this correct. And i was wondering the wires that come with this power supply are those for the power itself or what are they for thanks . Sorry for the dumb ?
LOL - I asked the same question there!

Answer - 1.5mW.
(I remember thinking bullsh - you mean 1.5W. But 1.5mW checked out. And 1.5mW is nothing - and I was considering it from a camping/solar POV which is often FAR more important wrt stand-by consumption. But I wrote that in that review.)

Not that I need one, but I reckon I might just order one in case.
And a spare for redundancy of course!

Thanks Jensen.
My review of this item from a few months back...