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How to Power Your 2010 Mac Mini In A Vehicle, by MCT, Inc.

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by , 08-20-2010 at 11:29 AM (22520 Views)

Well folks, it's finally been done. With the help of, Mikegyver Computer & Tech., Inc. has posted illustrated instructions on how to bypass the internal AC to DC power adapter inside all new Mac Minis. This will make it relatively straight forward (definitely not easy) to use a CarNetix CNX-P2140 power regulator to power your Mac Mini in a mobile environment. Here are the instructions, courtesy of the MCT, Inc. website:

Ok, so hereís how we did it, however we donít like re-inventing the wheel (rather then to improve on it) we going to refer you to on disassembly first.

Please do steps 1-14, and 22. Then come back here.

After you have disassembled your Mac mini, remove the power supply and re-assemble everything like so. Reconnect the power supply on the outside of the Mac Mini.

1) Cut the positive wires, and the Negative wires. Note the Middle wire:

2) Solder Pos wires together, and solder Neg wires together.

3) Find a wire and solder to it to make leads longer:

4) Solder the other end of the wire to a Panel mount DC jack:

5) Run it to the back of the Mac Mini where the AC cable used to plug in:

6) Find a Car cig plug (we sell them) and solder it to a 2.1mm plug: However, we strongly recommend a voltage regulator such as the CarNetix CNX-P2140 or CNX-P1900.

7) Hereís how it looks fully assembled.

8) Plug in to the Mac Mini and youíre done!

NOTE: We tested with operating voltages of 10v all the way up to 15vdc, however we STRONGLY recommend you use a voltage regulator.

Please Note: Mp3Car cannot assume any liability for modifying your Mac Mini. Opening and modifying your Mac Mini will most likely void your Apple warranty.

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