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AFK Fest 2010 - Paul's Internet Connected Volvo

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by , 09-01-2010 at 03:25 PM (7625 Views)

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Rob Wray, from mp3Car, takes a closer look at forum member PaulF's Volvo S60. He vehicle was one of the most 'teched out' at this year's AFKFest 2010.

One of the main features of his car is the SheevaPlug, which runs 24/7 on an optima battery next to his standard carputer. The SheevaPlug acts as a webserver with a custom Centrafuse app that interacts with it. From the internet, he can turn his lights on, roll up or down his windows, start up his standard computer, and even hit play on his favorite song before he reaches the vehicle. He can even text message his vehicle to do many of these same actions.

Checkout Parts 2 and 3 below

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So OM can handle it great, any word from other FE users if they can handle that many with no hiccups?
Quote Originally Posted by tripzero View Post
60,000 songs is about 6 months (166 days) of continuous playback... That's 240 gigs worth of music?

I'm surprised that none of the frontends can handle that...
I have a collection of 113,000 songs that OM handles easily. I would imagine CF could handle 60,000 its probably more for the iDevice control. On that note, there are apps for winamp, wmp, vlc and generic windows control so you really don't have to use winamp with that size collection its just a personal preference.
thats my car!! yayaya!

yea its the reason i use winamp, it handles it flawlessly.

only "issue" is it takes about 2mins to load that many songs into a playlist. but its cool.

I also use winamp cuz i can control it via my iDevice.