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Nokia QML Rapid Development - CES 2011

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by , 01-14-2011 at 05:02 PM (9738 Views)

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Sean Clark from mp3Car speaks with Justin from ICS, who has made a demo piece of software to highlight how easy it can be to develop QT apps. These apps are built using QML, which is specifically designed for creating user interfaces.

Some of the really attractive features of this new QML is that it has great animated transitions and state changes built into the language. It can even give you that "flick to scroll - bounce at the end" feeling.

Now, photoshop can be utilized to design these interfaces. This creates a method for rapid development where the designer creates the interface in photoshop and the programmer can then work with each photoshop object as a QML item.

check out and for more details

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I want one of those! That looks like a great project!
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