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Foryou Electronics Android Front End - CES 2011

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by , 01-07-2011 at 02:06 PM (10147 Views)

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Although not available yet, the Foryou Electronics double din unit in this video features the Android 2.2 operating system. With it, a plethora of app possibilities can now exist in the vehicle, with a user interface conducive to in-vehicle use. Bluetooth, music, email, radio, internet access, and a fast processor are now all easily possible from your dash.

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they drove around, recorded all this footage, and the idea is that they have all this lane data, person data, and all that already. Because the new hyundai luxary models have optical sensors to park, drive without you, keep you in the lane. So they are really just visually displaying that data here.
Very cool. The dash is horrible though. I don't get how they do it though, so there is a camera in the car and the phone gets that? I would think that the car would just pick up data from the phone (a bit like the layar iPhone app) and then handle the data and project the graphics in the car screen with more car related graphics, like lane enhancements.

I don't know, but it's cool nonetheless.

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Hyundai uses the power of an integrated computer and combines it with the power of your cell phone to gather information, analyze it, and provide the useful results to the driver. For instance, the Hyundai computer can provide a video signal to your phone, which can then interpret the video and locate road lanes and pedestrians. The user interface is pleasing to look at and combines such things as weather, stock quotes, HVAC controls, media, and more.