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Visteon iPad

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by , 01-08-2011 at 06:48 PM (8219 Views)

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The Visteon iPad dock provides a nice charging cradle for the Apple "I look cool" device. However, what's really cool about this product is it's communicating with the vehicle's computer via a completely wireless network. Control of the HVAC, radio, phone, navigation system, is possible from any seat in (or out of?) the vehicle.

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Rob... someone needs to tame that wild hair.
while i originally thought it was a great idea for the car, one other member brought up that the kinect needs space to spread out it's point-map. i'm not sure that most cars have enough space to allow this to happen to get reliable use..

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Microsoft teams with Asus and PrimeSense to use the Kinect sensor and allow developers (for roughly $200) to create their own applications for this platform found at CES.