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NuVation Electric Cooled X Prize Motorcycle - CES 2011

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by , 01-13-2011 at 04:22 PM (8695 Views)

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Rob Wray, from mp3Car, shows us the first electric cooled 3-wheeled motorcycle. It's an entry into this year's Xprize competition. With 170HP, 0-60 in 5 seconds, a 150MPH top speed, and weighing in at only 1800 pounds, it's surprisingly performance oriented. It goes roughly 200 miles on single charge at slower speeds or about 100 miles at 60 miles per hour. The car can be charged to about 80 percent in about 20 minutes at a charging station.

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I watched this video with interest, as I think Ford has been pioneering in car user interfaces. There’s been some controversy with the design direction they’ve been going, but being able to watch Sean pick Chris Demeniuk’s brain was very interesting. Thanks, Sean!

As I watched, I realized it might be useful to write down and list the sources that Chris mentions in the video. Hopefully this will lead to some insights for the interface designers on

Interface design guidelines

The first person Chris mentions is Don Norman (2:28), and his book “The Design of Everyday Things”. Don has a very comprehensive website here, and his books are available on In the same breath he mentions Jakob Nielsen (2:33), who is actually associated with Don Norman because they founded the Nielsen Norman Group together. Jakob has a list of 10 usability heuristics (2:36), which can be found here. Jakob Nielsen’s books are also on Amazon.

Karen Holtzblatt (2:43) is mentioned next in the video. Her book “Contextual Design: Defining Customer-Centered Systems” is available on amazon.

The definition of Fitt’s law (4:02) is here.


Some of the automobile associations that Chris talks about are the Society of Automotive Engineers (7:52), and their SAE J2364 practice (7:56), which is available, along with a lot of other Telematics Guidelines, here.

Finally, Chris mentions the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (8:35) . They have a page on Driver focus here, which has their Alliance Driver Focus Telematics Guidelines listed. The actual pdf of the Guidelines is here.

Hope folks find this list useful, and again - thanks to Sean for the inspiration, Chris for the insight and the people at who brought us the video!
great interview! maybe this should be linked to the FE section so newer members looking to design Fe's can get a good understanding of it all..

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Sean Clark, from mp3Car, interviews Chris Demeniuk from Ford about the application design process for the vehicle. Simplicity, usability, and engineering with the end user in mind are all important themes.