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Another Iphone controlled car

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by , 04-02-2010 at 09:04 AM (7797 Views)
Jalopnik has an article about Dave Phipps who uses an iphone to control his car. We shot a video like this at SEMA a few months ago. Thanks Tom Berry for the tip!

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This kind of situation, is terrible
im going to run map updates on my mom's garmin and ill copy the maps from that. if anyone wants a link to this ill put them online. i think this is utter bs that we got hosed on garmin mobile pc, especially those of us without the gps puck
Quote Originally Posted by RemmyZero View Post
well unfortunately if you have the deluxe version i don't think you can share the disk since the key is linked to your GPS receiver, and if you have the non-deluxe version it's a hardware key. i would imagine they have a way around sharing it.

the maps for any Garmin device are said to work with GMPC (per their techs) and given this you will always be able to update the GMPC maps until some radical new platform comes out.

when i discussed this with them last week they also stated that given all the new android and windows 7 tablets that are coming out this year it would be "highly likely" that Garmin will release a new, better program to replace GMPC, so i wouldn't worry!
I do not want to borrow anyones software. I would buy my own update which supposedly the updates for the NUVI product will work. It will likely be a year before I am too worried about it anyways. I have the 2010 maps now. If 2011 maps are out for the NUVI, I might update soon.