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Connect2Car Anywhere G2 Giveaway Contest

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by , 02-28-2011 at 02:18 PM (8715 Views)

After spotting some discussion of this product on the forums, we looked into it further. If our forum members are interested in it, then it’s usually worth some follow-up. We discovered an amazing product that is as useful as it is impressive. It’s a software/hardware combination that allows a user to remotely control major functions of their vehicle from anywhere via a mobile device or computer. Anywhere G2 can turn your car on or off from anywhere you have access to your smartphone, allowing you to warm it up in the morning before you get in it, or to cut the power if an unauthorized driver is operating it. Other functions include the ability to lock and unlock doors and to track the vehicle’s position and speed. That’s already an impressive lineup of features, but we thought we’d put our forum members to the test (again).

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