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Mimics Delight - Released

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by , 07-07-2011 at 01:17 PM (9639 Views)

Yesterday marks the release of the 3rd 'userland' jailbreak for the iOS family. A userland jailbreak allows an iOS user to install Cydia (the hack app store) by simply visiting So all those awaiting your pre-sale Mimics can get ready for your install by just visiting that link and downloading the "Mimics Driver" app from Cydia.

This jailbreak is good for anyone using an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or iPad 2 running the latest 4.3.3 firmware. If you aren't on 4.3.3, feel free to update as normal in iTunes, even if you are already jailbroken and just wish to update. Note: you will want to back up your Cydia apps if you are upgrading from a previously jailbroken device. As always, backup your phone with iTunes before jailbreaking.

Happy Jailbreaking.

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Hi Dave, since I emai you yesterday I reset the x2 by updating the firmware to the android version then I inst the iOS version. Now this is the issue: turn power on lights blink in turn then go out. Press remote home button for almost 20 seconds then red d2 starts to flash. Forget device, then pair. Once paired the warning message appear and the red d2 stops flashing. Then the yellow d5 light starts flashing. I think this is the issue. I've tried to calibrate from here but nothing happens. This x2 is proving to be a real pain. Please help as soon as you can as I have this whole thing spread all over my kitchen bench. Gaz. Pm sent
Quote Originally Posted by gallan1927 View Post
Hi customgadz, when will mimicsx2 work with ios 7
We had a few reports of it not working on certain iOS devices. Can you tell me the type of iphone, software running and storage. In the meantime I have sent you a PM to get you going again
Hi customgadz, when will mimicsx2 work with ios 7