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Car Computer Install: Overview Of Install

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by , 09-02-2011 at 02:40 PM (10878 Views)

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Sean Clark, from mp3Car, walks us through what the actual vehicle installation will entail. He illustrates the importance of properly grounding each electronic device to the chassis or to the negative terminal on the battery. The white board diagram provides a visual for most of the cables that will need to be run.

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most people that are looking for a factory-replacement amp usually use the 'motorcycle amps' off ebay-- the reviews i have read here before say that they are as good r possibly a little better then the factory deck in terms of output.. most of those amps are about the size of a dollar bill, so fitting them into a dash usually isn't too much of a problem..
Just one question, for someone wanting to install a screen like this in their car but with no seperate amp, what are there options?

I dont want to go buying seperate big clunky high end amps for the stock speakers etc.
Maybe just a small amp similar quality wise to what is in my stock radio but which i can pop in behind this bezel and can connect to the wire loom, with inputs like RCA or 3.5 phono.
Also be nice to have a potentiometer i could wire into the bezel to control the volume of the amp.

I've seen small amps on ebay but i'm just curious what kind of ways you go about running the audio from these set up's.

You may also use metraonline to get instructions for disassembly , it's free.
And wrapping the head of that driver with e-tape rather then. A cloth, and that soft spongie dash will leaves impressions if pushed to hard