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2011 7 Inch Touchscreen Showdown

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by , 09-07-2011 at 04:02 PM (15006 Views)
New to the scene and searching through the latest in touch screen devices? Maybe looking to upgrade an aging display with something more modern and feature rich? Check out this video for a quick glimpse of the most recent 7" touchscreen devices and how they compare with each other.

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search for the displaylink driver-- that is the driver that these screens use. from what i understand, the driver is supposed to update only the parts of the screen that change, so the actual amount of data that is passing over usb is minimized.

i am currently using the 5.5 version of the software(their site is now showing a 6.0M1 version) with a 'older'(the driver says it was installed 3-19-11, so older in pc terms) usb screen and i have found that it works quite well. i have issues with dragging videos back and forth across screens while they are playing(the video image goes blank) but other then that, my screen is working great-- there is occasionally some small lag in some videos, but nothing really noteworthy..
The quality of a USB Touchscreen device compared to say a VGA Touchscreen of the same size is about equal, depending of course how much bandwidth you have available on the bus for the screen to utilize. The first generation devices sound alot like what you describe. Image quality and colors greatly suffered. But somehow (i dont know how) this 3rd generation of these devices are better optimized and as a result provide the rich color quality you'd expect. It's not going to compare to your home HDTV, but these USB monitors kick the crap out of most OEM and aftermarket add-in monitors you'll find today.
I've had dozens of 7" lcd's over the yrs and I've never run across 1 that needed only a USB connection. Does anyone know for sure how it's set up? The usb only would mean the video card (GPU) is inside the monitor, right? So the 5v USB power is being split off to power the 5v logic chips on the board, the lcd screen itself @ seperate voltage, the touch sensitive material and it's circuitry, plus a built in video card? I guess I've never studied up on USB current, but just a few years back it took a double headed usb 2.0 cable, using 2 usb ports just to power a USB self powered hdd, or dvdrw. Video cards used to be current hogs, maybe they have found a way to make them efficient? Even then, if you look at the bus speed your internal video card gets, and compare it to USB 2.0, USB is a fraction as fast. So you are sending the video signal at usb2 speed, plus the touch sensitive input device, plus all the code telling the GPU what to do with the video feed.... Just seems like a lot to ask of USB2.0, all that data, and all that power. Maybe they've found a way to do it, and make it work well, which would absolutely amaze me. I bought a usb external video card from a friend less than a year ago that he'd just paid a couple hundred for, supposedly the best usb gpu, and it's horrible. If these are anything like that thing, it seems you're giving up a LOT for a little convenience... EDIT: -> That sounded hateful after I re-read it.. I hope they're awesome, because if they are I'm gonna crack one open and see how on earth they did all that usb only!