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Car Computer Install: Wiring The Car

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by , 11-30-2011 at 05:41 PM (13762 Views)

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Sean Clark, from mp3Car, shows us how the various components in the vehicle are wired. Getting power cables through the firewall is one of the more difficult aspects of any install. In this case, drilling through the firewall of the Altima in the wheel well proves to be the best option. Be sure to use plenty of fire-retardant adhesive on these holes once the wires are fed through. Running the power cables to the trunk can be done along the sill of the driver door. Use care when prying the panel loose. A trim removal tool is recommended to prevent scratching of your OEM parts. The backup camera switching wire and accessory turn on wire are also run along the driver door sill. Wires that aren't associated with powering any device are run along the passenger side sill to prevent interference. These include the front speaker wires, an HDMI video cable, a USB touch cable, a USB iPhone cable, a USB OBD-II cable, a USB cable for an aux input, and a microphone 3.5mm audio cable.

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Just to touch on the comment about having to use Y adapters to get rear channels, as long as you have 4 discrete channels it really is likely a software issue. Software like OpenMobile and Centrafuse should be able to have rear channels and choose how it's distributed through the sound card. Maybe they don't do that, but it's perfectly able to be done that way.
Looking good so far.... I thought MY CarPC install was taking a long time, this is approaching 7 months now
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i am giving up on trying to figure out the wattage-- too many amps lie.. what size fuse is installed on each amp?
On the SSL units, 15 amps? blade fuse. On the Boss I do not know, I have not got it yet. I just bought it.