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  1. iPhone Car Navigation Kit, GPS Tracker App

    by , 12-14-2009 at 04:07 PM
    Robert Wray of mp3Car shows us how the "Ultimate In-Car iPhone Screen Duplicating Kit" can be used for GPS navigation in your car, while allowing friends and family to track one's real time location. Using TV Out, by C00NI, Robert is easily able to duplicate the screen from an iPhone 3G or 3GS. Shop for this product now.
  2. Crowd sourcing reveals worst traffic in the United States

    by , 12-08-2009 at 09:42 AM
    TomTom and TeleAtlas use their crowd sourced contributors to plot worst congestion in the United States.
    Congestion is considered traffic that is 70% or less of the posted speed limit.
    TeleAtlas has an audio podcast on this here and a full press release here.

    Rank CITY/REGION % of congested roadways
    1 Seattle, WA 43%
    2 Los Angeles, CA 38%
    3 Chicago, IL 37%
    4 Montgomery County, MD 37%
    5 San Francisco, CA 35%
    6 New York, NY 31%
    7 Washington, DC 30%
    8 San Jose, CA 29%
    9 Alexandria, VA 28%
    10 Oakland, CA (Alameda County) 28% (read more for #20-30)

    11 Atlanta, GA (Cobb County) 27%
    12 Boston, MA 27%
    13 Fairfax County, VA 26%
    14 Philadelphia, PA 25%
    15 Austin, TX 25%
    16 Phoenix, AZ 25%
    17 Long Island, NY (Nassau County) 24%
    18 San Juan, Puerto Rico 24%
    19 Portland, OR 23%
    20 Houston, TX 23%
    21 Contra Costa County, CA 23%
    22 Arlington, VA 23%
    23 Orange County, CA 20%
    24 New Orleans, LA 20%
    25 Norfolk County, MA 20%
    26 Denver, CO 20%
    27 Morris County, NJ 20%
    28 Miami-Dade, FL 20%
    29 Dallas, TX 20%
    30 Charlottesville, VA 19%

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    Products and Technology
  3. DIY 1cm accuracy RTK-GPS

    by , 11-18-2009 at 08:43 AM

    This project claiming to provide 1cm GPS accuracy is getting a lot of heckling over on the Make Blog. A geophysical survey engineer claims this has little practical purpose without lots of time, pro survey skills and equipment. What does the mp3car community think about this?

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    Products and Technology
  4. Hardware Review: Intelligent DC-DC converter with USB interface by Mini-Box

    by , 11-10-2009 at 08:47 AM
    I was looking for an alternative to power my brand new Zotac A-U board. gladly sent me the device in exchange for a review. so here it is.
    The device: The Intelligent DC-DC converter with USB interface by is a buck/boost converter/regulator that can be used for a wide variety of application, it can be used to power any device that needs 6-24VDC, and the input range can be anything from 6VDC to 34VDC. The device can also send ON/OFF signals to motherboards based on IGN or ACC voltages.

    See this product on the mp3Car Store HERE.

    The box: UPS brought me a box that weight a little more than air itself, i was wondering if there is actually anything inside. before filing the claim that somebody stole the device out of the box i decided to open it anyway (; there it was, a small green board with a few short cables and a little bag with a few tiny jumpers. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and test the &*%$ out of it, but to my surprise there was no manual, no CD, no USB cable. i found a very basic manual on the site and the journey began.

    The work: Without the availability of the USB cable and lack of software, i went ahead configuring the device to my needs with a basic manual and a few jumpers. I need 19VDC to power my Zotac A-U mobo, the device CAN produce this voltage but with the USB software, i set the device to output the nearest voltage that can be set with jumpers which is 18VDC, the multimeter shows 18.24VDC i then set the device to operate as a regular converter/inverter and connected it to my mobo. pushed the power button, the fan started to spin, and the mobo seems to run just fine. +/-1VDC inst crucial for this mobo. i then tested the output voltage range of this device and the device does what it is suppose to do. no matter of the input (as long as its within range) the output voltage will be what it is set to be. then i set it to automotive mode which adds timing options along with ON/OFF pulses to the mobo. i set the timing to send off pulse to the mobo as soon as ACC is off and completely turn off the device after a minute - it did just that. my Zotac now powers on and off automatically. because of the wide input range the device has absolutely no problems surviving engine crank. however once the device starts the timer, it cannot be interrupted, meaning that if i shut off ACC the timer will start and will count a minute, in this time frame if i turn the ACC back on the device will not power up the mobo, nor send on/off signals. but if i leave the ACC on until the timer finished it will power up the board and send ON signal. temperature wise this device does just well, it get a bit warm when powered for a long time, but absolutely nothing to worry about and nothing that will require additional cooling. in my setup the device does exactly what it is described to do.

    The good: The device can be used for a wide variety of applications, it is very accurate, small profile, easy to setup,survives engine crank, appears to be reliable (i used it a few days already and it powers up and shuts down every time without problems) and the price is right.

    The bad: I am not sure how it is shipped from but the device should most defiantly come with advanced documentation or at least some documentation. even though most of us SHOULD have the proper USB cabe, it should be included in the package, the configuration software should also come with the device or at least be available for easy download. otherwise more configuration options should be available on the device itself. use jumpers that are smaller then the regular computer jumpers, i don't see a reason for this, should just use regular jumpers.

    The truth: All in all the device is great, does what you configure it to do and does it well. for this price ($59+shipping) you cant go wrong with it. though with more documentation, software and USB cable the package would be complete.

    The rest: (from - Applications: powering motherboard with single rail power from any voltage to any voltage, laptops, custom electronics. This module can be used to convert any voltage ranging 6-34V to any output from 5-24V. The DCDC-USB has 4 models of operation: - Dumb mode: Acts as a regular DC-DC converter with wide input (6-34V) and produces a fixed 12V output (or any output from 6-24V) - Automotive mode: Acts as an intelligent PSU, ignition aware, will send ON/OFF pulse to the motherboard to turn ON/OFF. Standby power consumption is well under 1mA. - UPS mode: The unit will act as an intelligent UPS unit, will shut down at prescribed battery voltages. - Script mode: Unit can be programmed to wake up, sleep, based on pre-programmed scripts. Additional features of DCDC-USB: - Remote ON/OFF switch capable of switching up to 6A, 8A peak. - Can control motherboard ON/OFF pins - Fused input, TVS protected - USB mini, type B - All Solid Polymer Capacitors, SVPD series, Sanyo, Japan.

    See this product on the mp3Car Store HERE.
  5. 2011 Lexus LFA Engine Rev at SEMA 2009 Las Vegas

    by , 11-06-2009 at 01:01 PM
    This isn't really car computing related, but here is some exclusive video after hours at the Lexus booth at SEMA 2009. Apparently there are no other places where you can get a first hand view of the 2011 LFA engine running so we are posting the engine piece now and will post the rest of our video review later. For those of you who are crazy about Lexus, you can download the ring tone on our forums.

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