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  1. Save The Date: AFKFest 2011 is September 24

    by , 02-07-2011 at 12:16 PM

    Mp3Car is hosting another one-of-a-kind show September 24, in Baltimore, Maryland. Come join computer hackers, car enthusiasts, techies, and audiophiles in a day of informative talks, car computer install presentations, socializing and innovating. In the morning, enjoy a free interactive speaker series on various topics on mobile computing.

    This year's AFKFest will be at Betascape 2011, an event made to showcase innovative technology through a series of exhibits, workshops, and social events. Now our forum member vehicles will join forces with the likes of all types of cutting edge, experimental, and interactive technology. Come for the weekend and check out this fun-filled and informative event.

    Where to stay? Mp3Car Recommends these hotels:

    · Pier 5 Hotel

    · Celie's Waterfront Inn

    · Admiral Fell Inn

    · Fairfield Inn & Suites Baltimore

    · Courtyard Baltimore Downtown/Inner Harbor

    · Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

    What to bring?

    · Your car to enter the contest. Register with mp3Car first as space is limited for display vehicles

    · A camera

    · A friend

    · A good appetite for innovation

    · A good appetite.


    9:30am. Reception. This event will be held at the Cyclops Bookstore & Art Gallery, 30 W North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21218. Enjoy a light & complementary continental breakfast. Juice, coffee, bagels, fruit, etc.

    10:00am. Speaker Series. This event will be held at the Cyclops Bookstore & Art Gallery, 30 W North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21218. Space for the speaker series is limited to 100. Tickets are free. Get your ticket early.

    Noon-5pm - Open schedule. Show off your car or attend the betascape events.

    5:00pm-7:00 Vehicle Showcase. This event will be held in the parking lot behind 120 W North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21218. This year, space is limited to roughly 15 vehicles. If you'd like to showecase your vehicle, please PM jensen2000 on the mp3Car forums for registration details. People's Choice Award will be presented to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for the "Most Techie & Innovative" vehicle. The Maryland Film Festival will be held in the same location

    Live music and street vendors will also be at Betascape-- come hungry!

    7:00pm-10:30 PM- Station North Block Party

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    Technology Events
  2. Drive Testing The Latest Safety Systems With Ford

    by , 01-25-2011 at 04:08 PM
    Mike Shulman, a technology leader at Ford, explains current efforts to expand active safety technology in vehicles. As opposed to passive safety technology, in which cars are designed to protect passengers in the event of an accident, active safety technology is designed to avoid an accident in the first place. This is done by designing vehicles that are capable of collecting information from their surroundings: lane markings, other vehicles, traffic signals, etc. The challenge is developing technology that can communicate quickly, frequently, effectively, and securely. But, the potential upside is clear: a dramatic decrease in the number of traffic accidents (early estimates are in the 80% range).

    This is why Ford is cooperating with its competitors—virtually every other auto manufacturer—to try to establish an all-inclusive standard for equipping all vehicles with wireless communications technology. Toward that end, the FCC has allocated a certain range of wireless space that is dedicated to this project and shared by the entire industry.

    Ford has been showing off these new features by conducting WiFi and crash avoidance demonstrations with its new vehicles. Each is equipped with wireless technology that allows each vehicle to communicate with each other. So, information like which lane a car is in or if another driver is about to run a red light is sent from one vehicle to another, warning the driver of a potential collision. Because the vehicles are communicating with each other in addition to transmitting GPS information, the relative accuracy is surprisingly good: less than one meter.

    The idea is to securely transmit safety information about ten times a second that is accurate within one meter.Perhaps even more exciting is the aftermarket possibilities for this technology. For a nominal cost, any vehicle can be equipped with a gadget that will incorporate this technology. There is even discussion about integrating it into smartphones and other devices, which may decrease vehicle/pedestrian accidents as well. In addition, because traffic information could be transmitted more effectively and accurately, drivers could avoid congested areas by responding to constantly updated traffic data.

    A look at the antennas and the technology behind the safety systems with Joe Stinnett

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    We take the Car for a Drive with Ford Engineers Joe Stinnett & Farid Ahmed-Zaid

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    An Interview with Mike Shulman about some more of the technical details of the systemsand some thoughts about when you can buy this technology and how much it will cost.

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    Technology Events
  3. Nokia QML Rapid Development - CES 2011

    by , 01-14-2011 at 05:02 PM

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    Sean Clark from mp3Car speaks with Justin from ICS, who has made a demo piece of software to highlight how easy it can be to develop QT apps. These apps are built using QML, which is specifically designed for creating user interfaces.

    Some of the really attractive features of this new QML is that it has great animated transitions and state changes built into the language. It can even give you that "flick to scroll - bounce at the end" feeling.

    Now, photoshop can be utilized to design these interfaces. This creates a method for rapid development where the designer creates the interface in photoshop and the programmer can then work with each photoshop object as a QML item.

    check out and for more details

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  4. NuVation Electric Cooled X Prize Motorcycle - CES 2011

    by , 01-13-2011 at 05:22 PM

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    Rob Wray, from mp3Car, shows us the first electric cooled 3-wheeled motorcycle. It's an entry into this year's Xprize competition. With 170HP, 0-60 in 5 seconds, a 150MPH top speed, and weighing in at only 1800 pounds, it's surprisingly performance oriented. It goes roughly 200 miles on single charge at slower speeds or about 100 miles at 60 miles per hour. The car can be charged to about 80 percent in about 20 minutes at a charging station.

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    Technology Events
  5. Ford Product Design Manager Chris Demeniuk - CES 2011

    by , 01-09-2011 at 02:08 PM

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    Sean Clark, from mp3Car, interviews Chris Demeniuk from Ford about the application design process for the vehicle. Simplicity, usability, and engineering with the end user in mind are all important themes.

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