We sit down with Xenarc to find out what happened in 2008 and what the future holds for 2009. Like other large companies, Xenarc has decided to opt out of buying a booth this year.

Transcript of the interview is online here:

Rob Wray: Hi, my name is Rob with MP3 Car. We’re here at CES 2009, and I’m sitting down with Jason Huang from Xenarc. We’re talking about new products, things that happened last year, things that are happening next year. So you’ve got a couple of new monitors coming out. You’ve got an 8” and a 10”. Give us some details about what’s happening.

Jason Huang: Sure. Anyone who’s familiar with our 706 TSA, it’s a DVI 7” screen with a separate input box. We’re launching an 8” and a 10.2 that basically implements the same technologies, so you’re going to have separate input boxes and you’re going to have the DVI input along with your VGA composite video and USB. All on a separate input box.

Rob Wray: We’re hoping to get both of those samples in February sometime where we can do some more video and writing about how will they compare to previous models, and things like that.

Jason Huang: I’ve seen them firsthand, and the picture quality on these monitors are significantly better than the previous generation monitors.

Rob Wray: That’s great. Yeah.

Jason Huang: And we’ll still be offering those other monitors as well, so those will still be available. This is an addition to our line.

Rob Wray: How much of a price increase do you expect over the newer?

Jason Huang: Well, what we’re actually looking to do is a slight price increase over what you’re currently paying for those size screens, and then there’s going to be a slight price reduction actually in the current line, and that’s going to be helpful for everybody.

Rob Wray: Oh, that’s great. So I’ve heard a bunch of things about orders being slow for you guys in the middle of the summer. You’ve got some factory things. What’s happening?

Jason Huang: Yeah. Business was good but in terms of turnaround and getting product out the door, we had a factory go down in Asia that does the assembly for like three different models of our screens.

Rob Wray: Right.

Jason Huang: And that held us up really bad.

Rob Wray: Right.

Jason Huang: We were backordered for about three to four months.

Rob Wray: Right.

Jason Huang: So now we’re back up and running. We’ve got all the parts in the new factory, and we’re at 100% right now.

Rob Wray: Lots of new stuff on the way it sounds like, too.

Jason Huang: Yeah. Definitely.

Rob Wray: Alright, well thanks a lot for taking the time to chat with us today.

Jason Huang: Thank you.

[End of Audio]