Video Tour of the New - New- Fanless Micro Intel Vehicle Computer (Built by Mp3car)

Mp3car picks the best of the best, reliable and low cost components for their new custom computer package.
To Be released On Friday on the Mp3car Store

Pricing currently at 287$

For a limited time, we are making some of the add on components available at a large discount.
  • The Vehicle power kit including the p2140 is 15$ off retail prices.
  • The ee25 Industrial grade hard drives are being sold for only a 20$ upgrade.
For 10 or more units we can customize the enclosure to provide access to other motherboard features or make other customizations:
  • SSD Or Flash Storage
  • Linux/XP Embedded or other OS preinstalled
  • Audio input ports
  • External Wifi Port
  • Serial Ports
  • 4 more USB Ports
  • Less Memory
  • Com Ports
  • PS2 Ports
  • LVDS Connectors
  • Parallel port