Here is the untold story of How the CarPC saved Christmas:
Twas the night before Christmas, when out in my car
The circuits were buzzing, even wireless from afar
The wiring was tucked away nice and neat with the USB hub, hidden under the seat.

When out in the yard I heard such dismay
some swearing and cursing, Santa had lost his way
His navigation was failing was said sorta quip
He was using outdated MS Streets and trips.

with Santa explaining He had just had enough
I ran in the house to gather some stuff
First a power supply, rated 12 volts you see
as the Sleigh had no means for 110 volt AC

Then with a case for his new SleighPC
and lots more goodies, to help set Santa free
then on with a touchscreen, at ten inches wide
to put in his dash, to really pimp out his ride

I returned with an armful of parts from afar
as They had all been purchased from MP3Car
the wires I ran for his new fusion brain
to turn on the wipers when it started to rain

Then on with Skype to install in a flash
so he could coordinate with Mrs. Clause right from the dash.
I loaded the drive with custom media you see
as tons of Christmas music there just had to be.

Then on with the sensors to help him to park
not to close to the chimney, but just on his mark
To the back of the sleigh I attached the GPS Puck
With a clear view of the sky, to ensure a good lock

Then I turned on the power to this new SleighPC
and a splash screen of Road Runner now filled screen
Now Santa was so occupied with his new pimped out ride
that I left him alone, and went back inside.

moments later I heard, as he steered out of sight
"Turn left in 100 meters", echoing through the night.