Hi my name is Robert Wray from Mp3car. Throughout the summer we are going to dive deeper into the future of mobile computing, car computing and telematics with a series of video blogs exploring new technology and interviews with leaders in the space.

Based on our activity in the community, our work with automakers, aftermarket, communications and telematics companies, we believe consumers will demand a bunch of new features all seamlessly integrated into a replicable, flexible UI and accessible from many devices of varying power, age, screen size, and interfaces.

The feature list will include.
Connected navigation (Internet POI, Real time traffic, regular map updates)
Media & entertainment from the internet or internet connected devices
Interfacing with other technology (engines or batteries, GPS and other location indicators, other sensor hardware)
Extensible developer interfaces to allow rapid add ons and integrations with existing features
Demand for skinable and user customizable interfaces
Occasionally connected devices (wireless, USB, WIFI, sneaker net)
Demand for flexible audio and visual prioritization
Flexible Security & Personal privacy awareness & settings
Task aware user interface, for example - user taking a bus, driving, walking, sitting down
All of the above components, including the UI should be modular and replaceable at any time to make way for new innovations.

Through our video blogging and interviews we plan to find out what it is going to take to make these features a reality and follow the activity of our community members as these bleeding edge features get implemented.