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FLOTV is a terrestrial television service developed by Qualcom and AUDIOVOX. AUDIOVOX created the hardware and Qualcom provides the service itself. FLOTV costs $499 for the hardware and $119 per year for the service. FLO TV offers 13 channels, however there are plans to add more. The display is 10.5" and FLOTV does not advise going any larger to avoid possible pixelation of shows like Sponge Bob Square Pants.

How FLOTV Works: The service uses terrestrial repeaters rather than direct satellite tv. As a result, the problems that arise from satellite tv are not an issue such as weather or trees. The service is currently running on the analog channel 55, however analog channel 56 is also available. There are 13 stations on channel 55 and there is room for up to 20. There are 250 kb per channel.