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Product Info on the BeagleBoard-xM here.

Time frame: 2 weeks (October 20th November 3rd)

Present an exciting auto app concept that utilizes the Beagle Board xM, MeeGo, & or Qt framework for bonus points.* The panel of judges from Nokia, Beagle Board creators and mp3Car will select the most innovative auto app concept as the winner.


- a concept will be complete if it states what the app does, how it will do it, and how it leverages MeeGo and Qt.
- Once the winner is selected, it is expected that the app be developed within 1-2 months.
- please note that this can be an existing app with significant improvements and changes;

- the app does not need to be touch based, if you can integrate it with other car controls such as steering wheel or control knobs like what BMW uses;

- bonus points to using QML, Nokia's new declarative UI language which is wrapped up into Qt Quick and is now in the recently released 4.7 release (Information found here on QT Quick, http://qt.nokia.com/qt-in-use/qt-in-automotive and a video is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlbh6...layer_embedded


Alistair Adams - Nokia

Jason Kridner - Beagle Board

Tom Berry (aka Bugbyte) - mp3Car Forums

The winner will:
1.Receive a free Beagle Board
2.Be featured on the mp3Car homepage showcasing the concept and Auto App Mart, once the app is developed and uploaded to Auto App Mart.

For more information on the Beagle Board: