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  1. MeeGo Auto App Concept Contest using Qt - Win a Free Beagle Board xM

    by , 10-20-2010 at 11:58 AM

    Enter Contest Here

    Product Info on the BeagleBoard-xM here.

    Time frame: 2 weeks (October 20th – November 3rd)

    Present an exciting auto app concept that utilizes the Beagle Board xM, MeeGo, & or Qt framework for bonus points.* The panel of judges from Nokia, Beagle Board creators and mp3Car will select the most innovative auto app concept as the winner.


    - a concept will be complete if it states what the app does, how it will do it, and how it leverages MeeGo and Qt.
    - Once the winner is selected, it is expected that the app be developed within 1-2 months.
    - please note that this can be an existing app with significant improvements and changes;
- the app does not need to be touch based, if you can integrate it with other car controls such as steering wheel or control knobs like what BMW uses;

    - bonus points to using QML, Nokia's new declarative UI language which is wrapped up into Qt Quick and is now in the recently released 4.7 release (Information found here on QT Quick, and a video is here

Alistair Adams - Nokia
Jason Kridner - Beagle Board

    Tom Berry (aka Bugbyte) - mp3Car Forums


The winner will:
    1.Receive a free Beagle Board
    2.Be featured on the mp3Car homepage showcasing the concept and Auto App Mart, once the app is developed and uploaded to Auto App Mart.

    For more information on the Beagle Board:

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    mp3Car News
  2. Introducing Auto App Mart

    by , 09-09-2010 at 11:23 AM

    Auto App Mart is the online marketplace for automotive applications. Created by mp3Car, with the support of the largest automotive application developer community in the world, Auto App Mart helps drivers to be more productive and better entertained while on the road.Tour the Auto App MartCheck out our screencast and learn how to browse and download Auto Apps, manage your account and receive updates. Auto Apps available range from Google Traffic to engine maintenance management, and almost all are free to download. Get started adding new Auto Apps to your car computer today.Learn How to Upload and Manage Auto Apps
    We welcome all developers to come upload Auto Apps. This screencast shows how to get started and offers a tour of the developer back end. As a developer you will have complete access to information on customers and downloads. See how easy it is! Head over to Auto App Mart, add an app, and make it go live in minutes.

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  3. mp3Car now Smart Phone Friendly

    by , 03-10-2010 at 02:42 PM
    At long last is now iPhone and smart phone ready.

    What does this mean?
    Our homepage will flow to fit smaller screens for better viewing. Also, all of our videos* are viewable on the iPhone. Your mobile device may also support the videos as well, they are mp4 640x360 at about 1mbps bit rate. with 44khz AAC.

    The forum itself has not changed, but we have future plans in place to make an optimized mobile interface for your mobile posting pleasures.

    *Older vimeo videos are not viewable without flash...Yet.

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  4. Crowd Sourcing in Action

    by , 09-10-2009 at 06:17 PM

    If you have never heard of crowd sourced maps, checkout our previous blog post here or an example of a growing Philippine map in timelapse.
    At Nokia world 2009, Navteq announced they will be crowdosourcing map, routing, and traffic data. Twice has a good overview. Also see a recent Google's blog entry about google's crowd sourcing strategy.
    jKontherun reports that iphone users can utilize but aren't contributing to Google's arterial data. Google was quoted as saying “The Google Maps application that comes pre-installed on the iPhone can display live traffic, but Apple devices do not participate in the traffic crowdsourcing.”
    Talk about this on our forums
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  5. Green Eco Routing, Navigation and your car computer

    by , 06-16-2009 at 10:50 AM

    Some intelligent forward thinking researchers over at Hitachi, Xanavi, and Nissan have collected some data on ecological green routing that claims a 9% fuel cost savings on a test route. This technology is still in its infancy, but this is a perfect example of where a car computer can be used to accelerate development and deployment of technology. Implementing ecorouting will require Intense processing on the client or cloud for the complicated routing algorithms that factor in all the newly available data points:

    · Traffic & Flow speeds

    · Elevation changes and altitude

    · Road quality (smooth vs. rough)

    · Wind (eventually)

    The cloud or development computer can also be used to coach the driver into more efficient acceleration and braking techniques which a lot of hyper milers are already using.

    Eventually I imagine this type of data would help local governments prioritize road resurfacings and traffic control timings to help their citizenry become greener.

    It seems like one of the key pieces to making this work would be accurate elevation Data. The paper I mentioned above used 50m resolution data from the government. One of the key data providers for elevation data seems to be intermap with 5m horizontal resolution and +/1 1m vertical. Check out their comparison chart to NASA data.

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