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  • Processor Name "05/08"
  • Processor Frequency "999.93 MHz"
  • Memory 514 MB
  • 3 USB Drives
  • Wired Ethernet Port
  • Resolution 1280 x 1024 Pixels
  • Audio Adapter HDA-Intel - HD - Audio Generic
  • Input Devices
  • AT Translated Set 2 keyboard
  • PS/2 Generic Mouse
  • PC Speaker
SCSI DisksATA SD8GB RDC SDNetwork Interfaces
  • lo
  • eth0
  • wlan1
(Wireless network card built in)Operating System
  • Linux (i586) (Puppy Linux)
We did not decide to sell this computer because we thought it would serve the community better.Our moderators will determine the best idea submitted in this thread, and we will ship this computer to the forum member, provided that he or she lives in the continental U.S.