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  1. Introducing Auto App Mart

    by , 09-09-2010 at 10:23 AM

    Auto App Mart is the online marketplace for automotive applications. Created by mp3Car, with the support of the largest automotive application developer community in the world, Auto App Mart helps drivers to be more productive and better entertained while on the road.Tour the Auto App MartCheck out our screencast and learn how to browse and download Auto Apps, manage your account and receive updates. Auto Apps available range from Google Traffic to engine maintenance management, and almost all are free to download. Get started adding new Auto Apps to your car computer today.Learn How to Upload and Manage Auto Apps
    We welcome all developers to come upload Auto Apps. This screencast shows how to get started and offers a tour of the developer back end. As a developer you will have complete access to information on customers and downloads. See how easy it is! Head over to Auto App Mart, add an app, and make it go live in minutes.

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  2. AFK Fest 2010 - Control Carputer Winamp with iDevice

    by , 09-02-2010 at 02:12 PM

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    Rob Wray, from mp3Car, looks into a solution for controlling massive amounts of music on your carputer. One great feature of using winamp for your music system is that there is an iPhone app called iAmpRemote which allows you to control winamp via an AdHoc connection. So you just need your windows computer to broadcast a signal, have your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch connected to it, and now you have a wireless remote.

    Adriel's carputer screen is installed into a custom bezel over the factory dash, running from an opus computer.

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  3. AFK Fest 2010 - Paul's Internet Connected Volvo

    by , 09-01-2010 at 02:25 PM

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    Rob Wray, from mp3Car, takes a closer look at forum member PaulF's Volvo S60. He vehicle was one of the most 'teched out' at this year's AFKFest 2010.

    One of the main features of his car is the SheevaPlug, which runs 24/7 on an optima battery next to his standard carputer. The SheevaPlug acts as a webserver with a custom Centrafuse app that interacts with it. From the internet, he can turn his lights on, roll up or down his windows, start up his standard computer, and even hit play on his favorite song before he reaches the vehicle. He can even text message his vehicle to do many of these same actions.

    Checkout Parts 2 and 3 below

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  4. Lilliput Introduces High Brightness 5 Wire Resistive Touch Monitor

    by , 08-31-2010 at 10:57 AM

    Introducing Lilliput's latest rendition of their 7" touch screenmonitor with HDMI, DVI, and VGA inputs. 50% brighter than the standard669GL-70NP/C/T. 5 wire resistive touch screen instead of 4 (with the standard 669) makes touch input control more precise.

    Key Features:
    -HDMI, DVI, or VGA inputs
    -High Brightness: 450 CD/Mē
    -5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen, USB Interface
    -1 Year Warranty

  5. AFK Fest 2010 - Steve's Custom Delorean

    by , 08-27-2010 at 03:02 PM

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    Rob Wray, from mp3Car, talks with Steve about his Delorean. He was a great last minute and unexpected surprise at this year's AFKFest. This car is nicely restored and fully customized from the lights to the wheels and body.

    Steve fabricated the headlights and front facade of the car himself as the original parts had either been damaged or weren't to his liking. The gull-wing doors aren't the only cool feature though. The car has a built in touch screen and a 3 port USB hub built into the console. The computer is a laptop installed in the back of the vehicle.

    Steve's Delorean won 4th prize for best install this year.