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  1. New 7 inch DVI touchscreen by lilliput

    by , 05-13-2009 at 12:41 AM

    Lilliput is getting ready to release their new 7" touchscreen that has native DVI and component digital out. Previous models such as the 629 had only VGA, Composite and S-Video.

    What is great about this monitor is that it's now extra versatile. They left the pigtail plug on the monitor and just added the extra DVI and component cables. That means you have the option to output to 5 different video sources, DVI, VGA, composite, component and s-video.

    The connectors for DVI came out of the bottom of the unit, whereas the pigtail connector came out of the side. So this may affect some installations but just be aware that it *may* be changed.

    The digital output was, in our opinion, more defined in terms of the colors. More specifically the blacks were blacker and the whites were whiter.

    The only down side we noticed is that the DVI output seemed to have off colors. The ocean in the video seemed very green, even though on VGA it was blue.

    All the settings for the test were brightness 50% Green 50% blue 50% and red 50% with a resolution of 800x600. They ran from the same ATI graphics card playing BBC's blue ocean on VLC player.

    This product should be coming soon to the mp3Car store, so look out for it.

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  2. DIY – Wireless USB monitor

    by , 02-24-2009 at 05:55 PM

    How to build your own wireless USB monitor - We took an IOGear wireless VGA device (GUC2015V), an M1-ATX, a Lilliput 10” monitor and a laptop battery to make a super hacked wireless monitor. If you spent more than an hour on this you could really make this hack usable. We couldn’t get more than 15’ of range out of this with line of sight, but it was fun to try. Based on the amperage of the devices, we could theoretically get a few hours out of this per charge.

    ***Update 2-26-2009
    Other power supplies that could be used:
    The m3-atx is probably a better supply to use for this project.

    How much Power does this use?
    260 milli amps for just the receiver.
    1.1 amps for the receiver and screen.
    Our battery has a capacity at 14.8 volts of 6600mAH.
    Does this mean we get 6 hours of run time? Wow.

    Host CPU Loads tested on my desktop
    DisplayLinkManager is what does the processing for the Wireless VGA adapter.

    Hardware used for testing
    3 year old 2.8 Ghz Pentium D Dual core CPU
    4gb of Ram
    Windows XP
    800x480 output

    CPU Load Results
    0% - CPU load with an idle screen (desktop only)
    0-2% - CPU load with google talk
    2-3% - VLC movie paused
    9%-12% - VLC playing a movie

    Part 2 Video Transcript:

    Hi. My name is Rob Wray with MP3 Car. I told you we would test out this wireless monitor in the car, so for the last hour we’ve been goofing around in the parking lot of our office trying to get this to work. And actually it worked perfectly right off the bat the same way as it did work in our office. I just wanted to do something off-the-wall with it.

    So it’s working perfectly. I happen to have a Centrifuge help video loaded on the monitor right now. We’ve got a great wireless signal. We’ve done some calculations recently. We think this little hack job here can get about six hours of wireless time using the 10” monitor. So that’s pretty exciting. And we’ve been really happy with the video quality playback.

    The first thing that we tried to do to hack it, to make it look kind of cool and newsworthy was to hack in a USB HDTV tuner. So we did that. It worked well except the HDTV won’t play on this monitor. There’s certain things that don’t work well over ultra wideband USB and apparently the GT HD tuner that we sell in our store is one of those things that doesn’t work well.

    We also had some problems with getting StreetDeck to work well wirelessly over ultra wideband, but things like VLC which I used in my previous demo worked wonderfully. You get great frame rate playback, and that sort of thing. So I’m going to go ahead and start this movie here, and you can see that the picture quality’s pretty good.

    So we’ve been pretty happy with this as a solution. The only thing that we’ve seen is that, again it doesn’t support all video formats, and you also get – every now and then you’ll get a little bit of a wiggle over here on the left side. I’m assuming that’s from some type of interference that’s happening as a result of the engine alternator or various other little things. But it was happening before and now it’s completely gone away, so I think it’s almost unnoticeable.

    So try this at home. Thanks for watching our blog.

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  3. CES 2009 - Lilliput & Their New Products

    by , 01-14-2009 at 08:35 AM

    We talk with John Xu, the US representative for Lilliput. He tells us about some new models that are in the works.

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  4. CES 2009 - Interview with Xenarc

    by , 01-10-2009 at 12:37 PM

    We sit down with Xenarc to find out what happened in 2008 and what the future holds for 2009. Like other large companies, Xenarc has decided to opt out of buying a booth this year.

    Transcript of the interview is online here:

    Rob Wray: Hi, my name is Rob with MP3 Car. We’re here at CES 2009, and I’m sitting down with Jason Huang from Xenarc. We’re talking about new products, things that happened last year, things that are happening next year. So you’ve got a couple of new monitors coming out. You’ve got an 8” and a 10”. Give us some details about what’s happening.

    Jason Huang: Sure. Anyone who’s familiar with our 706 TSA, it’s a DVI 7” screen with a separate input box. We’re launching an 8” and a 10.2 that basically implements the same technologies, so you’re going to have separate input boxes and you’re going to have the DVI input along with your VGA composite video and USB. All on a separate input box.

    Rob Wray: We’re hoping to get both of those samples in February sometime where we can do some more video and writing about how will they compare to previous models, and things like that.

    Jason Huang: I’ve seen them firsthand, and the picture quality on these monitors are significantly better than the previous generation monitors.

    Rob Wray: That’s great. Yeah.

    Jason Huang: And we’ll still be offering those other monitors as well, so those will still be available. This is an addition to our line.

    Rob Wray: How much of a price increase do you expect over the newer?

    Jason Huang: Well, what we’re actually looking to do is a slight price increase over what you’re currently paying for those size screens, and then there’s going to be a slight price reduction actually in the current line, and that’s going to be helpful for everybody.

    Rob Wray: Oh, that’s great. So I’ve heard a bunch of things about orders being slow for you guys in the middle of the summer. You’ve got some factory things. What’s happening?

    Jason Huang: Yeah. Business was good but in terms of turnaround and getting product out the door, we had a factory go down in Asia that does the assembly for like three different models of our screens.

    Rob Wray: Right.

    Jason Huang: And that held us up really bad.

    Rob Wray: Right.

    Jason Huang: We were backordered for about three to four months.

    Rob Wray: Right.

    Jason Huang: So now we’re back up and running. We’ve got all the parts in the new factory, and we’re at 100% right now.

    Rob Wray: Lots of new stuff on the way it sounds like, too.

    Jason Huang: Yeah. Definitely.

    Rob Wray: Alright, well thanks a lot for taking the time to chat with us today.

    Jason Huang: Thank you.

    [End of Audio]

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