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Thread: Exists PC Bluetooth Phone Dialing / Bluetooth FM Radio Tuner

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    Exists PC Bluetooth Phone Dialing / Bluetooth FM Radio Tuner

    Hello guys,
    I'm trying to find a PC Car solution that gan give me the next 2 features:
    - Bluetooth Radio Tuner - To Listen Radio in the car PC;
    - Bluetooth Nokia Phone Dialing with radio mute and other normal features such as listening in the car speakers and mic connection to the PC;
    Is this possible ?

    Thanks in advance, for all the help you can help me.

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    I've never heard of a Bluetooth FM radio tuner.

    For dialing, check out a program called PhoneControl. Their website ( will tell you if it's compatible with your phone.

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    Bluetooth for radio and phone

    There is a new products coming out September 29th that you can still use your FM tuner, and it has Bluetooth for your phone as well.

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    Does this answer your question?

    Toothpik plugs into lighter has FM interface to speakers for blue tooth cellphone ,blue tooth cell has mp3 hopefully will play through speaker under $100 delivered

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