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Thread: Innovatek IN 433B wont connect (bluetooth)

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    Question Innovatek IN 433B wont connect (bluetooth)

    Hi guys, i've recently installed the Innovatek IN 433B dvd system and its supposed to work with bluetooth technology, yet i always get a "cant connect" type of msg when i try to link it up with my Cell phone
    i tried it with a Samsung 900 and with a Motorola V3xx
    both phones recognize the Innovatek system yet a connection cannot be established
    i already changed the password on the system and it works but no connection .

    anything im missing here ?

    please help


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    anyone ... ?

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    I doubt it.
    Members of this forum typically eschew multi-function devices like the Innovatek unit you specified in favor of a full-on PC.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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