I am trying to get RR & DigitalFX skin to work with my Razr V3 phone. I had this working on another system using a USB cable for the Data connection(IE; phone book, dialing etc), and the BT was used for the headset use. (Mic & sound to car speakers). Then I tried setting up my final car PC sys with a different Motherboard / hardware. Biggest diffs are old sys was XP MCE , and onboard sound. This new sys is XP PRO only and onboard sound disabled with an external PCI Soundblaster Audigy SE 5.1 board. Now... when I pair the BT V3 to the PC (which works fine), I hear the sound in the speakers for about 10 seconds or so, then nothing. Phone is connected it appears... NO sound in phone either. I have tried re-installing / updating driver son the SB PCI card. Winamp, and all other sounds work fine.

Any ideas?