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Thread: bluetooth serial adapter

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    bluetooth serial adapter

    how secure is a bluetooth to serial adapter? The engine management computer on our race car has a serial port and when we pull into the pits between rounds we have to download the data logger and maybe tweak the tune a little. We'd like to get rid of the long *** serial cable tht we have to plug in everytime we pit. I was looking at one of these-

    My concern is would there be any security issues to worry about?


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    The concern might not be security issues but whether the serial adapter is compatible with your race logger/computer. I use an AEM EMS in my car and that ECU is very picky about the type of serial adapter you use (I go serial to usb). Sorry this doesn't answer your original question but it's something to think about before you drop the cash on it.

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    No, that doesn't answer my original question but it does bring up a good point. The computer we're using is very picky about which USB adapters it plays nice with.


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