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Thread: Use your Wii Remote with Bluetooth Connectivity

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    Use your Wii Remote with Bluetooth Connectivity

    Well I can't speak for everyone..but I am mainly a LINUX person and I use my Wii remote with Bluetooth connectivity to navigate my media (using the buttons not accelerometer). Works just great with no issues...see my worklog. On Linux, it's just a matter of mapping keystrokes with the buttons according to what you need them for.

    My CarPC redesign project will be using Windows this time. I have not tested my Wii remote using bluetooth on Windows yet but there are tons of wikis and blogs online about it so we shall see how that goes.

    Has anyone tried using Wii remote using bluetooth connectivity on Windows?
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    I have connected it and had a test program registering the moves and buttons etc.

    Not put it into a useful program yet, but I have some ideas for it.

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