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Thread: It does not recognize bluetooth back from hibernation

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    It does not recognize bluetooth back from hibernation

    Hello, I have the CF 4. When I restart the computer and the installed blusoleil bluetooth device I detected no problems, I open the CF and the phone connects perfectly. Now, how hibernates, the deshibernar blusoleil still detects the bluetooth but the CF says no bluetooth device is started (so it can detect the pc I have to turn off and back on), do I have something misconfigured? How can you do automatically?

    Sorry if not well understood, I am using a translator.

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    Alguien me podria ayudar?

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    I hope you find a solution to this....its one of the problems I have been dealing with on CF for a long time.

    Bluesoleil is a hunk of junk, and CF keep persisting with it.

    Its luck of the draw as to whether or not it will work after a reboot, or hibernate, or standby resume. I find that if I need it, then I am resigned to having to reboot the computer to get it back up.

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