my car radio has a AUX in and I bout this bluetooth to AUX item


now the item is good and works well, but was hoping to be able to do the following:

  • 1) keep plugged in the car power supply (cig lighter) and come on auto when I turn the car on (the cig light gets power)
  • 2) Be able to pair more than one item to it (this only allows one at a time and remembers only one so re-pairing is needed if you use a different device)

Where I need help, does anyone have any idea how I could hack it, to do maybe just the auto on when power is connected (so I dont have to press the on button)?
or does anyone know of a cheap product that will do what I need?

*needs to be able to plug into car, be auto on, pair at least 3 items and remember them and aux out?*

thanks for any help