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Thread: Bluetooth steering wheel remote

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    Bluetooth steering wheel remote

    I've searched the forums but found no obvious recommendation....

    I would like to control Ride Runners music playback (Winamp) using a bluetooth steering wheel remote or my Honda Civic steering wheel controls (Bluetooth steering wheel interface???)

    I'm using a tablet running Windows 8 and it works amazingly well. I use a 11.6" Asus tablet, 64gb internal, 64gb SD, 600 nit touchscreen, Windows 8, Bluetooth GPS receiver, Copilot live, and my custom Ride Runner skin.

    Any recommendations on Bluetooth steering wheel remotes and how to make it control Ride Runner music? I really only need it to go forward track, backward track, and maybe Pause/Play.

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    SteeringWheel Bluetooth Keyboard.

    I am in the process of creating such a device and I may need beta testers PM me for details.

    This Will Not work on CAN bus cars as of now.(Future)

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