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Thread: Non-OBD2 CAN 2.0b bus to bluetooth adapters?

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    Non-OBD2 CAN 2.0b bus to bluetooth adapters?

    I've seen a ton of low-cost OBD2 CAN bus BT adapters for sale, many based on the popular ELM327. I've seen a few generic CAN bus readers, primarily USB, most of which are very expensive ($200+).

    Is there an inexpensive CAN 2.0b BT adapter which can read non-OBD2 messages? Can any ELM327 adapter do this? It'd be nice is such an adapter already had Android drivers available for it, but I can always write my own. Anything I write will be put on github.

    The CAN bus I'm trying to read from is AEMnet, which is 500 kbit/second with 29-bit identifiers. I don't need to write anything to the bus at this time.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Check out elmelectronics web site, your spec is the same as gm high speed communications,probably a few others.. Doesn't matter to an elm327 what your talking to, it will simply decipher the can message it's reading or convert your hex to a can message. 29 bit header is common and you shouldn't have any problems..

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