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Thread: Non-OBD2 CAN 2.0b bus to bluetooth adapters?

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    Non-OBD2 CAN 2.0b bus to bluetooth adapters?

    I've seen a ton of low-cost OBD2 CAN bus BT adapters for sale, many based on the popular ELM327. I've seen a few generic CAN bus readers, primarily USB, most of which are very expensive ($200+).

    Is there an inexpensive CAN 2.0b BT adapter which can read non-OBD2 messages? Can any ELM327 adapter do this? It'd be nice is such an adapter already had Android drivers available for it, but I can always write my own. Anything I write will be put on github.

    The CAN bus I'm trying to read from is AEMnet, which is 500 kbit/second with 29-bit identifiers. I don't need to write anything to the bus at this time.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Check out elmelectronics web site, your spec is the same as gm high speed communications,probably a few others.. Doesn't matter to an elm327 what your talking to, it will simply decipher the can message it's reading or convert your hex to a can message. 29 bit header is common and you shouldn't have any problems..

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    There are some AT commands to put ELM327 to send all the CAN messages through UART. There is an AT MA command which is a "Monitor All" command and you can get the messages flowing through the CAN bus using this.You may have to turn off automatic formatting to OFF by using AT CAF0 command to get the entire CAN message out through the Bluetooth link. From Android, you can use a program like ELM Terminal to try out these and see what commands are required for your purpose. Then you can write your app. Hope this helps.


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