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Thread: Help with Boatputer build

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    Help with Boatputer build

    Post up your pictures of your boatputer. It looks like most of the boatputer threads are older so I figured I would look for more updated info. I'm trying to make one for my fathers new boat and am looking for ideas for hardware. The boat is a 44' Viking rear aft cabin. Any suggestions on hardware or software would be greatly appreciated. Some of the things I would like to incorporate;

    engine gauge display(twin Detroit Diesels)
    Radar(possibly), he has a Furuno open-array antenna but the screen does not seem to work
    Rode Counter(possibly)

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    I am tinkering with something similar on my old Chris. I bought an old police grade laptop and can run GPS, music and with some a/d shelfware, i expect to get the signals from my Detroit diesels. I need to find a front end to tie it all together. I am not a programmer. Sure could use some help.

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