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  • I Hate it. I donít care about boats.

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Thread: Should Mp3car have a boats section?

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    I'd like to see your dvd-rom working in tghe rough seas.. lol..

    I'd be interested to see any mp3 boat setups though.. Something new
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    You got me there! The dvd/cd drive don't work in the ruff. But then again we mostly use harddrive based media. I also use a usb cam to grab running videos.


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    The bumpiness of the ride in a boat varies quite a lot depending on the boat and conditions. Putting a PC into a 20' runabout is quite a bit different than a 37' express cruiser, sailboat, trawler or sport boat.

    If anything use laptop drives as they're rated to withstand greater G forces. Set 'em up in a software mirror so you don't have to worry about losing the whole thing if one of the drives packs up. Using an actual laptop as the basis of the system also buys you some benefits in dealing with interrmittent power or low voltage situations.

    A boat sitting all day rafted up running off batteries is quite common and most boats have more than one battery (mine has three) to make sure you still have juice to start the engines.

    Boat instrumentation systems have two standards and a whole slew of proprietary setups. The most common standard are NMEA-0183 and NMEA-2000. The former is a basically an RS-422 network running at 4800 baud and is really only designed to have a scant few devices talking on it. NMEA-2000 is relatively new and is designed for much faster performance and multiple talkers. Other systems use ethernet, often with UDP packets, but don't document their protocols. Just about everyone's got a way to bridge their networks to an RS-232 setup for a chartplotter on a PC.

    I've currenly got my Raymarine E-80 set up bridged to a laptop running Coastal Explorer. At some point I plan on leaving a laptop permanently wired into the boat, doing the NMEA interfacing and acting as a WiFi access point. That'll let me use the laptop onboard without any wires.

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    Count me in.
    I've allready build one system with an Epia 5000 as a basis, and it all works fine. No need to worry about Hi-G's since my system dosen't have a HD but runs OS and apps from an CF card. Many thanks to SFiorito for doing the writeup about how to make that magic happen
    New EWF + MinLogon and CF instructions

    Ofcourse the biggest obstacle is LCD visibility, espesially in direct sunlight and I guess we all are longing for an cheap and easy solution... The numerous LCD enhancements threads have been monitored closely, but they all seems to involve mechanics quite close to rocket sience

    As for navigation software I have choosen to use SOB which uses vectorized charts from C-map, and it has a fairly good implementation of other sources than GPS. (Radar, Sonar, AIS, temp etc, etc.)

    Best regards, Ketil.

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    For anyone thinking about CF cards (microdrives work nicely) they do make IDE to CF adapters. Thus you only have to use the IDE interface, plug in the adapter and then the CF card.

    As for boating software, I greatly prefer Coastal Explorer from Rosepoint. It's private-labelled from Maptech as Chart Navigator Pro and comes with a huge set of DVD charts covering the entire US waters. Or you can use the free NOAA raster charts (your tax dollars already paid for them). The Maptech stuff comes with raster, vector, contour and photographs.

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    They also make native IDE flash drives.

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    I cant afford a boat at this point in life...but once my rap cd hits the streets I will be putting a computer on my boat, no doubt about it.
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    Thumbs up Ross awesome !

    Look here, my 2-cents...
    I think having a pc on a boat is a very good idea.. as most will say the salt in the air will hurt it, but how do you think the depth finders, gps, and so on live up to the salt waters ?

    1 - Most boats have very large deep cycle batteries to begin with!
    2 - boats are smooth cars ride bumpy..
    3 - Most people that own a boat CAN afford the right stuff to make it nice..
    of course get the parts from ..
    4 - You guys at mite even want to do installs! see I fix pc;s for a living and i know people that have money no nothing about PCs.. so over all my answer to this having a new forum for boats! YES A BIG YES good job keep up the good work! Ross from the only Florida mobile car cam!

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    I think we can close this now the boat section is open and has posts....
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    Just when you thought you'd seen it all!! Guys, I've been away from CarPCs for a bit because of problems with the car and numerous other things in my life piling up. So tonight, I thought I'd stop in and see how mp3car is doing. Scrolling down the list and see BOATPC????

    You mean to tell me after this thread: Has anyone done or thought about a BoatPC?? and those who doubted the idea, we get this forum?? Of course, I thank the mp3car admins for starting this forum, but wow... just didn't think I'd see it go from a question to this. I'm not trying to take credit... just shocked.
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