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  • Yes! I want a boat, and I want to put a computer in it.

    66 41.77%
  • Whatever dude. I donít have a boat, lets see how it works out.

    75 47.47%
  • I Hate it. I donít care about boats.

    17 10.76%
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Thread: Should Mp3car have a boats section?

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    Should Mp3car have a boats section?

    Based on the poll results above, the answer is yes! Lets get started !

    New Boat computer section:

    A lot of people have been asking me and the store about how to put a car computer in their boat. I like to sail so I thought I would add this sub forum to see how much activity this gets. If you all hate it I can take it down. The Mac thing started slow and then it picked up as a useful resource. There is a lot of tech in the marine industry that can be converted to cars and contribute to the overall mp3car community. (Fiberglass, ruggedized connectors and similar parts)

    Edit: Marine specific issues:
    Brightness (look at your monitor on deck)
    Ultra low power (for sailing across an ocean and only having wind electricity generation)
    Dual monitors (Charting/Mapping/Productivity all on one computer)
    Shock - High speed boats
    Salt water corrosion problems
    Software - Marine Navigation/Charting

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    first post in boat section

    edit:: i'm a douche, but i still voted.
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    where's escalade182 to sound off on this? lmao

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    i had someone call me about putting a computer into a boat, wanted to know the best way to power it. maybe he is on the forums now.

    i havent seen too much demand, but im sure it couldnt hurt.
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    you guys have not seen
    Is this where the witty comment goes?
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    I think it can be done same as in a car, BUT if it's in a marine (salt water) environment, I wouldn't expect the electronics to last more than 6 months due to corrosion without the boards being coated in a potting material. I'm sure it would be a challenging install.

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    Could you not just coat the boards with some sort of clear "varnish" type of coating, not conductive of course, and then for all the open connectors and such, you would just have to use gold plated, gold is a worse conductor than copper or silver, but it doesnt corrode, rust or tarnish like copper and silver, and you could use watertight connectors everywhere else.

    just my opinion!
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    theres no option for "I have two boats and think it might make sense on a walk around / cruiser / charter / flybridge above 26 feet"

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    Sounds like a plan to me.... Hmmm now how do I power it in a row boat....
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    shore power!

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