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Thread: Just a starter

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    kind of nice.... but wheres the pool???

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    wow very nice
    [ 5-spd 1996 M A X i M A SE ]

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    here is a link to a forum for how to get internet on your verizon phone

    How to use your VERIZON cell for FREE internet

    basically you need a data cable for your phone (or bluetooth is your phone is capable and you have bt dongle on the pc) then just follow the instructions. i have done this and can confirm it works. as for the charges, i believe it is just the airtime, but some say it charges per mb of download. haven't gotten this month's bill so can't really confirm. i don't use it much.

    or if you have access to some other dialup number, you can setup your connnection to just dial into that dialup account.

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    this boat is really nice
    to be or not to be?that's the question :)

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