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Thread: Water Resistant computer

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    I know this is a old thread but this is worth seeing specially for you boaters..
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    A waterproof computer is nonsense for most computer applications on a boat. Sure, you may want a waterproof (touch)screen outside, for gps/chart plotting purposes but all other pc usage (e.g. reception of RTTY weather forecasts or grib files, trip planning, Wifi/internet, electronic logbook) is done from the chart table.
    Of course the computer should be fanless, so you don't suck salty air into it.
    On my 34 ft sailing boat I have a (rather old) waterproof Simrad gps chart plotter with a tiny screen for outside work. The boat computer, a Sumicom S625F with a Pentium Mobile processor and a 2,5" HDD, is installed under the chart table. The screen is a comfortable standard 15", running directly on the battery. When the going gets rough I replace the standard usb keyboard with a flexible waterproof one, but the main input device is a Logitec trackball anyhow. The pc has it's own gps input from a gps-puck. To reduce battery charging I use rather severe power management rules.
    I've been using this setup for 4 years now, both on the North Sea and the Med, never a moisture or overheating problem.

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    just mumped in here... we did the project with low powe pc for bote navigation / communications we used regular NEMA 4X enclosure box with same rating connectors, it wasnt even fully waterproof but still works for 4 years so far so good. ...

    whats the problem w/ watter on the boat is sult... once it gets onto metal connectors it gets cristalized ... over time your metal is gone so its good idea to paint the board with laque (special watter resistant) thats what military do to improve the electronics ife cycle.

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