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Thread: A boat pc - the worst idea in the world!

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    Thank God i have thinkpad...I hope levono doesn't do what sony did....
    I'm sorry man, sony is usually good about things with warrenty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vfinterceptor View Post
    The only way you would get salt into the comp is if you let sea spray fall on it or spalshed it with salt water.
    Moisture in the air (evaporated sea water) will not hold salt in suspension.
    The increased humidity in the air would contribute to accelerated corrosion though.........



    I was thinking the same exact thing.

    If the pins crumbled off the CPU it's an Intel or AMD problem Sony doesn't make the CPU. It would be pretty crazy if it corroded in a couple of days too! Especially if it was running most of the time; it would be hot and moisture doesn't like to condense on warm things. Copper also won’t rust through; it will form a protective layer of oxidation that will protect the core. How long have you had that laptop? And what the heck would you are you doing with it to cause that amount of corrosion? Unless it took a little swim in the ocean I can’t see this being possible from normal use.
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    so u said the screen just went black? well...after u go black u never go back

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    I've used a PC on=board in salt and fresh water with never a problem. My latest, tho, is a Ramline (old but works great, "mostly" sealed) touchscreen. runs the GPS and iTunes just great.

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    im surrounded by commercial fishing boats and have never seen or heard of that. i was using a laptop for two months on the baot and nothing of that sort happened. Ive seen PCs that have been on boats for years that look fine. u sure you didnt drop it in the water?

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    I live aboard and have been for 2.5 years. I have had servers, 4 mac minis, 3 laptops, and a bunch of odds and ends. Nothing like this has ever happened to me.

    I think you got a bad machine dude!!!!

    BTW using a mac mini with a touch screen and GPSNAVX is amazing!!!!!!!I use AMP as m front end and use gpsnavx for navigation. Pump the output to google earth for geoblogging,

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    I second talk2Dug. I also live aboard full time, have 2 laptops and 2 desktop. The oldest is around 4 years old and is a standard micro-atx with standard desktop parts (except for an industrial 12v power supply). So far no issues related to moisture. I do keep these machines in the cabin but am working on a touch screen in the cockpit for charting with a mini-itx AMD Geode based pc below.

    Oh, let me add. We took the 4 year old computer offshore via Bermuda to the Caribbean. So I could say we were not inland with it. I also know a few offshore sailors who swear by pc's aboard.

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    perhaps it was the "ultrasonic tank" that caused the damage to the cpu

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    Don't know if it's worth it for a shot at preventitive maintenence, but I've read posts (for instance) where people used boeshield T-9 to save laptops dropped in the bilge, etc, wonder if it would help as a preventitive measure.

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    I repair CF-72 toughbook based nautical GPS units for a living. I've never seen corrosion inside a pc that *was not* caused from actual immersion.


    I fault the pc.

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