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Thread: A boat pc - the worst idea in the world!

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    or maybe using a humidifyer in the cabin? That seems crazy... laptops in seattle seem pretty unafected by the swampy air up there, so it makes me wonder what else could have caused it.

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    ive been installin comps in boats for abut a year now

    now i dunno where u get off saying comps and boats dont mix...ive been puttin them in boats for about a year now i do everything from programming fire systems, security systems, and engine monitoring given these are on mega yachts 100 ft+ but still a boat none the less. given not many ppl on this site own a mega yacht but the tech i use can be scaled down to w/e u need it to do. after all, all you really need to do on a smaller vessel is to make sure your set up is out of the elements or sealed off to them there are may pico systems that use embedded components from to offer a fanless system that could be sealed off to the so before the rants go off about how they cant see why any one would need a comp on a boat just think about why u would want one in a movies hell if u don't got out that far or you only boat on rivers or canals you can add a wireless card and u got ur self a cheap gps and if u need more signal get your self a cell signal booster u will be connected to the net to do whatever ur heart desires.

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    the boat has bad grounding and electrical galvanic action which zorked your laptop.
    that is the only explaination for such rapid 'corrosion'

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    You need to try a industrial PC

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