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Thread: anyone in Europe get one of these?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchjs View Post
    actually there is no offical RR support for it(the, i have one of them
    and have a remaining issue with it, that is still unsolved by the manufacturer
    its just a FM tuner, thats really ment to provided TMS data...
    its performance was nothing specail, maybe the same as the Silabs dongle
    The plug in can be downloaded from their web site with steps on how to configure it .. and for the antenna adapter .. actually it's sold on the same site! I got mine one month ago after discovering that yours doesn't work in Europe .. I ordered the unit with the adapter, installed the plug in (I'm using CF3.1) and finally I have an FM ! The unit is sweet and working smooth so far. I studied the reviews .. without connecting to the car antenna .. its reception is poor .. no other comments.
    Not much options out there for Europeans anyways .. I never tested Silabs .. but u wont find alternatives .. good luck !

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    there is no RR plugin avail (YET) for this CarTFT tuner
    lets not confuse people here
    they dont have an adaptor from thier 2.5mm to Motorola plug
    only to iso and Fakra

    i know, not much out there, there is the venice5 project...
    and the new venice7 thing(i havent seen it yet)
    i feel bad (a little) for you guys

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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    iso is fine, because thats what i have in my do most EU not bothered about tms or rds or anything else all i want is the ability to tune into FM frequancies on my capPC with reasonable quality...(i did notice the other day that whilst listening to 107.1, on the boombox hd, the tuner would "blip" every 30 seconds or so until reset....)

    whats venice 5 & 7??

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