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Thread: Possible issue.... :-\

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    Possible issue.... :-\

    Alright well it appears I may have an issue.

    The usb audio device....turns off on me. as in, i hear the click of the receiver box turn off and in device manager i see that in fact the usb sound and the controller have disappeared as well.


    the usb audio is connected to a hub, which is shared with a flash drive, and then ran back to the computer. the flash drive does not show any foul activity, so i dunno what'd be telling the device to turn off? the usb audio is being powered by 12v supplied by the computer(m4atx power supply hdd connector power and off that same chain powers the lilliput monitor), and shares the grounding location the monitor uses. No craziness from the monitor.


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    My best guess is that it has to do with the USB HUB -- does it have it's own power supply or not ? Have you tried plugging it directly to the computer (just to test) ?
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    i'll be doing some testing today. i do have a feeling it's power related.

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    Well....took advantage of the beautiful day here in the NW and redid all sorts of usb wiring.

    anyways, long story short, yes it was in fact the usb hub i had at the very front. turns out the hub works great for all my other devices, just not for the hd radio device(which it drops off the face of the planet).

    now i've got it on a dedicated usb line to the computer, everything is fine.

    i'll probably look into wiring a 5v line from the pc over to the usb hub in the future.


    btw! Mitch, the radio sounds superb! HD channels rock, although I hate how some of my local stations play different songs on the hd channel and their regular channels.

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    they are susposed to...

    HD1 is a DIGITAL version of the analog FM... if they arent playing the same content, im sure they are in violation of someones terms of use of HD RADIO
    (HD in AM)
    HD2-HD3 is where the different content is allowed

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