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Thread: HDRadio always starts with the volume muted

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    HDRadio always starts with the volume muted

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    Whenever I start Centrafuse (3.1) (not coming back from hibernate, win7 cold boot with Centrafuse in the Startup folder) or switch to HDRadio for the first time the volume is always muted. I could be playing music from the harddrive and then switch to the radio and the volume will be muted.

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    post this in Centafuse forums...

    prob need to define volume, its prob not the VOLUME, its the MUTE CONTROL on capture line on the Audio device

    make sure your settings in the program should be NONE for playback device

    then when u cold boot, and go to radio, and done hear anything...
    check the windows RECORD devices, and see if its MUTED

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