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Thread: Feature Requests

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    I think you may have mentioned this in an earlier thread, but if you didn't, here it is. Need an alternate way to close a program. When BSR closes Frodoplayer, for example, the app looks like it closes but a process called "Frodoplayer.exe" hangs on and consumes 100% of the CPU time. When you kill it manually, all is well again.
    Quote Originally Posted by ghettocruzer View Post
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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    Here's my plan. I want all of my speakers or maybe just the one closest to me to be plugged into the mic line as well, but I only want it to act as a mic when no programs that require sound are running. Having an option like this in your program would benefit others as well. Maybe something in your program that reads whats in the task manager, and you can edit which ones it picks up on to turn off the mic. And once those programs arent in the task manager anymore, bam. Then I can make voice commands. Thanks for the program btw. I love it.

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    Possible solutions to some of your features...

    as per the muting of the music, MS voice command for the PPC actually pauses the song and resumes after the command is said or it doesn't here anything. that might be best.

    As for the power monitor on off thing, you'll need a seperate circuit board that acts like a switch that the computer interfaces with and a start up shut down program. You may need to use db9 serial...i believe its the easiest. Plus, if you are willing to do that, you can use that same chip, if you burn it, to recognize an "on" command, so you can start your carputer at whim.

    As for false commands, have the program listen to a few words in particular order to then start the rest of the speech recognition and by default turn them off. In typing instances, have it "______, take this down" or something. I think you have that with "disable/enable speech", but, as you can see wiht my latter suggestions, i just want to expand on that feature. For me, i will acutally name my carputer, so it will be like, "Cabal, hear me!" or, "Cabal, Listen" or, "Cabal, Are you there?" I like Tiberian Sun... hehe, you can always make the carputer like your navigator, so us starwars freaks with GPS, to automatically map a route from your current location to home, would be like,
    "Chewie, get us outta here!" or something. I'm sorry, its the vicodin talking again, i swear....kinda...okay, i just think that would be cool

    I would love to add a feature other than critquing or adding my ideas, but i can't sem to find a link to any website or spec sheet, though i will admit, i only found you 10 mins ago. Here's a set of features i know i liked on Voice command though aand wanted that you MAY already have, so bear with me...I am costantly editing this post, so don't worry too much:-)...really...4th time in under 15 minutes

    -the ability to start a computer from standby or hbernate by voice. I know that will take an extra controller card or something, but if it can be done, like pressing a key when the computer is in standby, that would be hot.

    -The ability to play a predetermined .wav file with as response to a command AND to a specific command set. Like, for opening/closing a program, have it state the name of the program opened/closed. For volume up or down, have it say nothing. Now, i'm not sure if it has that to this degree...but if it does awesome

    -If it has a command that it can't recognize, have it admit its inability to comply in a response, then, audibly and in a popup, have it display a list of possible commands that you might have meant in a numeric order, where the user could then choose from that list to complete the command. Include a countdown timer, let's say, 5 seconds after the computer stops talking, and, when it reaches 0, resets it. Also, add in a cancel incase of an accident engagement or you change your mind.

    -The ability to dictate documetns and emails. You're in your car, you have a report due for school or a brief due at the office in ten mins and you won't make it back in time. No problem, have your computer read it out to you with the ability to corect your mistakes (you have typing available i've read).

    as i said before, forgive me for my ignorance. If you have this stuff, you're ahead of the game. I've been trying to get my CSE friends to do something like what you're doing for a long time. I'm an engineer (typos are due to a concussion guys...and it being 4AM)...i know exactly how my dream carputer would be. This program and your willingness to develope it just takes me one vital step closer and i just, personally, would like to thank you.
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    I want a speech pack like the car Kit in Knight rider.. But seriosly I want the software to act kind of like so it will reply to commands so if setup correctly you wouldn't need a screen at all.. Just a mic and to listen to the reply voices via the stereo. So when you prompt for a command it will tell you it's ready for the input. Maybe also read back the last command you inputted so you are sure that it heared you correctly. Ideally I want to make my carpc run completely off voice control and not have to use any other inputs at all. The screens will only monitor what's going on and to display maps for GPS etc.. I hope this program can accomidate me with all these features. I haven't played with it yet but it sounds promising. Keep up the good work!
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    I think this is dead...

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    Its a shame cause I've tried lots of speech programs and they either seem too hard to setup for the amatuer like myself or won't do wasily what i want it to do. Dragon won't do what I need but others are too complex I feel. Pitty this one has stopped.
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    Question Voice commands

    how does the voice commands work with the sound of music playing because i wanted to make my entier system voice activated for everything form changeing song to closeing the screen can that be possible or will sound interfier with in

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