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Thread: Release: v1.31

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    if you have 15-20 artists you use most of the time, use the second method.

    If you have 100s of artists that you use all the time.. use the first method.

    You could use both....

    use the second method, but have "activate spell mode" activate the spell mode... .

    the possibilities are endless... that's why i prefer my program over others...

    I wish I had more time to code...
    Bruno Speech Recognition - Advanced Speech Recognition designed to control any program. Extra support for FrodoPlayer and Winamp.

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    Before hand, I realize that this thread is almost 2 years old prior to my posting in it. However, I was curious if anyone had a working mirror or could send me the BSR software. I'd like to try it for my system and see if it does what I need it to. Unless, of course, someone can give me a name to a better software that does what BSR advertises

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