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Thread: Bu-353 Lag

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    Bu-353 Lag - Any Fixes?

    I realize this post hasn't been updated since January but I have had my BU-353 for a couple weeks now and have spent considerable time trying to eliminate the 5ish second lag that exists between my BU-353 and any of the three software programs I have tried...

    I've downloaded and used GPSinfo & sirfDemo to try to analyze and reset things and have made progress and routinely have WAAS locks and just today gotten it to run at the 4800 Baud Rate that DeLorme's Street Atlas USA 2008+ seems to prefer (but I did get 38400 to work as well)... Anyone else have a surefire way to fix this lag problem that seems to plague us BU-353 users?

    FYI: Running Windows XP Pro on a Lenovo T60 with 2GB of RAM and an Intel Centrino Duo processor.

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    I have the same problem with my iguidance 4 and bu 353. SOmeone told me bout sirfdemo on the forums, i'm trying to download it. cause one of the settings on there should solve our problems:
    Track Smoothing : wrill smoothen the track to remove the "jumps" resulting from the natural "inaccuracy" of the GPS system (10/15 meters) - disabled by default

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